Empowering ambitious missions through space mobility

Performance-leading propulsion systems, scaled to meet the needs of the future space industry.

Our Mission

To sustainably power the next generation of space missions.

stat_3 Sustainable & Non-Toxic Propellants

Our propellant choices of water-electrolysis-derived hydrogen and oxygen not only offer leading performance but are also zero-carbon and non-toxic.

stat_3 Best-in-Class Performance

Our high degree of thermal management, teamed with highly energetic propellants, enables attainable specific impulse ceilings 40-50% greater than industry-standard hydrazine alternatives.

stat_3 Inherently Scalable Production

Our unique approach to fabrication inherently enables large (100+ unit) batch sizes and fully scalable production, enabling capital-efficient development and testing as well as dramatically reduced thruster unit costs.

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The Problem

Orbital Mobility is a Critical Bottleneck

With more launch capacity than ever before, the need for reliable and efficient last-mile delivery and collision avoidance has never been greater.


More active satellites in orbit in 2024 compared to 2012, set to rise a further four times by the end of the decade.


Collision avoidance manoeuvres performed by the Starlink constellation alone between 2019-2023.


Lifespan limiting factor for large satellites is running out of propellant; high performance unlocks years more operational lifetime and value.

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Our Solution

Introducing the X2 Thruster

The workhorse behind our orbital mobility solutions.

Precision Etching
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Our Manufacturing Process

2D+ Fabrication

1. Photochemical Etching

  • Performed on in-house lithography and jet-spray etching machines.
  • Qualified and repeatable process with feature sizes of below 25µm demonstrated.
  • Enables 'complexity without the cost' as each sheet processing cost is identical regardless of feature complexity.
Precision Etching

2. Stacking & Alignment

  • Enables complex 3D structures to be realized from a stack of etched sheets.
  • Various sheet thicknesses can be integrated, giving significant design freedom.
  • Sheet alignment tolerances of 5µm attainable.
Sheet Stacking

3. Diffusion Bonding

  • Solid-state joining process enabling parent-level material properties across bond lines.
  • Capable of high-strength joining on a broad range of both similar and dissimilar materials.
  • Fully qualified process for our high-heat flux copper alloy.
Sheet Bonding

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Precision Etching Precision Etching Precision Etching Precision Etching
Precision Etching Precision Etching Precision Etching Precision Etching